About Us

We are a fledgling company trying to break into a highly competitive industry. In order to make an impact we have kept our overheads to an absolute minimum; this cost saving we can pass on to you.

Although a new company, our chief programmer has 10 years experience, working mainly in the public and charitable sectors. Over time we have developed many sites with excellent feedback.

Now working on our own we have spotted a gap in the market. Many small companies already have websites but find that they have to pay extortionate amounts everytime they want to change the content. We have heard of large sums being made even for minor changes. Other small companies are put off having a website because of the high charges made by our competitors.

What we are offering is a website where you can easily change the content yourself with little or no technical expertise. In the trade these are known as Content Management Websites. However if this is still not the solution for your needs we offer to update your site at a fair, low-cost, rate. Of course we also supply standard web design and hosting.