The prices shown here are for illustrative purposes only.

Domain name registration (we charge at cost to us).

A typical ".com" web address will be £11.50 per year, and a "" would be £6.90 for 2 years.

Web hosting

This will vary according to the scale of the site, email addresses, number of pages, number of photos/images etc.

But for example, hosting a simple HTML website with 15 pages (including 10 pages of photographs) will cost from as little as £20 per year.

Site design

This will be dependant on number of hours taken to design the site. You will be able to view a work in progress version of the site and we will then consult you to work towards your requirements. This consultation work will be included in the final costings.

For a simple HTML site this could be as little as 7 hours @ £15 per hour.

For detailed prices please email us for a quote.